• Before Curlin

    Extreme Dryness, Frizzines and Tangles in heat treated and colored type 3 curls. Guest is a working professional, works out and lives in a city with high humidity.

  • After Curlin

    Soft, Supple, Hydrated and defined curls after application of Curlin Leave In Cream. No Gel applied yet the great hold and curl definition.

Customer Video using Curlin Leave-In Cream

How To Use

Frequent Asked Questions

How often should I apply the Curlin curl cream?

All our products are formulated for everyday use. This cream is highly recommended when styling your curly hair for long-lasting well-defined curls.

What changes will this cream bring to my hair's texture?

You'll notice an immediate change in lustre and sheen in your curls with Curlin cream. Apart from that fantastic sheen, your curls will feel more hydrated and softer than before.

How is a curl cream different from curl defining gel?

Curl gels are more popular as styling products for curly hair. These gels do not necessarily carry any moisturizing ingredients and might leave your scalp flaky and dry. On the other hand, curl cream offers moisturizing properties, curl definition and styling.

Will this curl cream dry up my hair?

The Curlin curl cream includes shea as its active ingredient, known for its hydrating and moisturizing benefits. As a result, you can trust the Curlin curl cream formula to leave you with bushy, dull, or dry curls!

Is a curl cream necessary for my hair?

Most curlyheads ignore the benefits of curl cream. If you are someone who loves a strong and distinct curl pattern, the cream is a must-use for you.