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The curly community is at the heart of everything that happens at Curlin. Initiatives like the Curlyhood community group and Curl Social events bring us closer to our beloved curly heads. This constant communication allows us to absorb the feedback and create products they need.


Our product range boasts effective and safe formulas. Each of our products contains clinically proven ingredients from plant extracts. OA Omega+, Defenscalp and Amisol Trio - all plants derived are proven and tested by hair specialists across the globe.


Without enough information, Curlies often make the mistake of falling into curl care trends such as the curly girl method. Social media might give curl goals, but is achieving them safe and correct? Curlin here simplifies things and has your back while you understand curl care from scratch.

From the Founders Trunk

All curlyheads have been told to straighten their hair at one point, I feel that's a choice not a compulsion. For me, Curlin isn't just an answer to everyday curly hair problems but a revolution and an idea about how every curly head should feel about their natural hair.  

I believe that every person should love their natural hair type. Besides, with Curlin, I want to convey that curl care doesn't have to be demanding. Along with this vision, my team and I at Curlin have embarked on a journey of simplifying curl care and making it quick, easy, fun and simple.

Sumit ‘Curl’ Karanji


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Curlin Team

Opportunities at Curlin are infinite. At Curlin, we experience a tight-knit team encompassing diverse talents. The spirit of teamwork drives each and every member here. We also believe that the passion of our team and collective goals allow us to move closer to success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Curlin shampoo free from sulphate & paraben?  

Yes, the Curlin shampoo is a gentle formula devoid of harmful toxicants such as sulphate and paraben. 

Can we only use shampoo skipping conditioner?

Shampoo and conditioner serve different purposes for curly hair. Moreover, curly hair is prone to dryness and frizz; conditioners can help with that. 

What is the best sulphate-free shampoo for those who have an oily scalp? 

The Curlin shampoo works excellent for all scalp conditions. The formula of this shampoo is gentle and naturally extracted to balance the scalp and foster a healthier scalp. 

Can I use the Curlin range on colour-treated hair?

The good news is that Curlin works perfectly on colour-treated tresses. None of the products in our range is harsh and will lead to fading.

How frequently to use the Curlin hair mask? 

Curlin mask is curated to help you eliminate dryness and achieve your hair moisturising and nourishing goals. If your hair needs repair, We suggest using the Curlin mask two times a week for the best results.