The Curl Essential Trio - Shampoo + Conditioner + Cream - 200gm Each
3 Step Routine | Anti-Frizz, Dryness | Defined Curls
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  • Before Curlin

    Extreme Dryness, Frizzines and Tangles in heat treated and colored type 3 curls. Guest is a working professional, works out and lives in a city with high humidity.

  • After Curlin

    Soft, Supple, Hydrated and defined curls after application of Curlin Essential Trio. No Gel applied yet the great hold and curl definition.

How To Use

Frequent Asked Questions

How often should I shampoo my curls?

The hair wash frequency for curly hair can depend from person to person. Washing hair two to three times a week works best for most people. Avoid washing too frequently, as it can strip your hair of its natural oils.

Can I use Curlin shampoo for coloured hair?

Coloured or not, our curly hair care products do not differentiate. None of the ingredients in the Curlin shampoo is detrimental to your beautiful hair colour. On the contrary, our formula can help protect colour-treated curls!

How can the combination of olive and soy help my hair?

Olive and soy are two of the most nourishing ingredients. Both ingredients help your curly hair lock in moisture and prevent frizziness.

Should I apply conditioner every time after shampoo application?

We recommend using the conditioner for frizz-free and detangled hair after every shampoo session. This regime will make sure that your hair is well-moisturised.

Are conditioners any good for curly hair?

Since curly hairs are more prone to frizz and dryness, conditioners are necessary for this hair type. Conditioners make curly hairs smooth and more manageable. 

How often should I use the conditioner?

You can use the conditioner every time you shampoo your hair.

Can conditioner make my hair less curly?

No, it is a myth that conditioners straighten out the curls. The primary purpose of using a conditioner on curly hair is to moisturise them.

Will the use of conditioner make it easy to detangle my hair?

Yes, it will. Conditioners thoroughly moisturise the hair, preventing dryness and frizz. With smooth and soft curly, tangling will be easier and less painful.

How often should I apply the Curlin curl cream?

All our products are formulated for everyday use. This cream is highly recommended when styling your curly hair for long-lasting well-defined curls.

What changes will this cream bring to my hair's texture?

You'll notice an immediate change in lustre and sheen in your curls with Curlin cream. Apart from that fantastic sheen, your curls will feel more hydrated and softer than before.

How is a curl cream different from a curl-defining gel?

Curl gels are more popular as styling products for curly hair. These gels do not necessarily carry any moisturising ingredients and might leave your curls dry after 2-3 days. On the other hand, curl cream offers moisturising properties, curl definition and styling.