How To Use

 Step 1: Unmess Curl Shampoo
Our curl shampoo is infused with goodness of olive and soy, with no compromise on the lather than your usual shampoo!
Use this as your first step, 2 times a week or whenever your curls need to hit the restart button.
Take 2 pumps of this on your hand, add some water to it and massage your wet scalp only using your fingers, as you rinse it your lengths will get cleanse gently.
*Do not rub the shampoo all over your hair in an attempt to keep them clean, shampoo is best used on your scalp and root area, the rest of your hair washes itself during rinsing!

*Initially in 2-3 washes you may feel a little more dryness to your hair, for which step 2 is very essential.
STEP 2: Unmess Curl Conditioner  
Our Curl conditioner is the last in shower step to follow!
Our Curl conditioner is enhanced with the combination of Shea, Coconut and Almond, which will moisturise your hair and give them a soft & ultra-moisture for anyone with dry/damaged curls! 
Use this after our shampoo for the best results. 
Take the required quantity and apply it to your lengths in praying hand position, leave it for next 2-3 minutes for a quick conditioning.
Meantime massage your scalp easily and softly, detangle your wet hair with wide tooth comb and scrunch your lengths in upwards direction for good texture to form. Rinse off, don’t rub your hairs.
*For deep or intense conditioning, apply our Unmess Curl Mask & leave it for 20-30 minutes with a shower cap on and follow the same procedure as step 2.
STEP 3: Unmess Curl Cream
Now comes the time where you define your curls. -:) Yay!!
This is the step where you need some patience.
Our Unmess Curlin cream is the only styler you would ever need for your curls.
Use this after drying your hair with microfiber cloth or an old tee-shirt.
Section your hair into 2 or more sections, apply the product in hands praying position. 
Take out 1-2 pumps of cream per section and apply Curlin cream - that you desire, to style your hair.
Use the upwards scrunching motion to see your curls form after applying the cream. 
Remember, do not wash it out! This cream is to be left in your hair.
Do not use comb until they are totally naturally dried.
 *Once your hair dries, take 1-2 drops of any hair oil, and scrunch your hair to break the Curlin cream cast for bouncier curls if you don’t like them too defined.
This is called as SOTC- Scrunching out the crunch.
*Use our Undry Scalp Tonic a night before or 2 hours prior to your wash, on your scalp and massage.
It will keep your hair follicle strong and result in less hair fall than usual. 
Check out our videos on this soon -:) 
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